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Dr Stephen Rainer ( BSC(HumBiol.) MBCLB(Auck) FRCPA)
Dr Stephen Rainer ( BSC(HumBiol.) MBCLB(Auck) FRCPA) was born in England. His family migrated to New Zealand when he was ten, and he was brought up and educated in that country. He completed his medical training in 1974 at the Auckland Medical School. His post-graduate training in Pathology was completed partially in Auckland and partially at the John Radcliffe Hospital Oxford.
In New Zealand he was a Consultant Pathologist at Green Lane Hospital and for a period he was Director of Laboratory Services at that hospital. He moved to Sydney Australia in 1991 and for the past 12 years he has handled the Pathology for Heart-Lung transplantation programme at St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney.
Despite haveing a highly specialised job his interests have remained broad and general. He has an interest in different cultures, and from his own experiences he has an appreciation of the ability of education to allow ordinary people to achieve their aims in life, and to contribute to the wider community.
He strongly believes that the value of education in Australia is the total combination of the quality of the institute, the contact with other cultures as well as the friendships and contacts the students create.

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Branch Manager

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